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See our mobile home buying guide, and mobile home insurance advice below

Mobile home buying guide

What are my mobile home requirements?
  • Determine the size of the mobile home you require.
  • Firstly you must work out your requirements for sleeping arrangements, mobile homes these days can have between two and four bedrooms and can easily accommodate large families on holidays
  • If you intend to use your mobile home during the winter season then it may be advisable to get a model that has a winter pack an is suitable for 4 seasons
  • If your requirements include longer stays, for great comfort and ease of living a larger mobile may be advisable such as a lodge with larger lounge and kitchen / dining areas. Most lodges are suitable for 4 seasons as they have winter pack as standard.
How do i chose my mobile home make and model?
  • It is always advisable to do as much research as possible before making any large purchase & buying a mobile home is not different. We will help advise you as much as we can. Please drop in to our Mobile Home Sales Centre in Rathcoole and ask as many questions as you like.
  • British and German mobile home manufacturing is long established and has a good reputation for good build quality and attention to detail.
How do I check the manufactured year of a mobile home?
  • Check whether the mobile home is actually the year the seller says it is, they do depreciate so year is important
  • Mobile homes have a badge plate mounted on the chassis either near the boiler or at the front this will identify the year of manufacture
What will my budget get me?
  • How much your mobile home will cost depends on numerous factors like year, size, manufacturer and condition
  • Prices can range from 10,000 to 90,000 euro
  • Where do you intend to place your mobile home? this can affect your budget
  • If a deal is just to good to be true it usually isn’t, so always be ready to walk away
Where can I place my mobile home?
  • If you intend to place your mobile home on a holiday park how much are their site fees annually
  • What are the average yearly electricity and gas bills on the holiday park
  • Do you want to place the mobile home on a holiday park owned by the dealer you purchased your home from? if so this may result in a discount
  • If you are purchasing from a dealer an placing your new mobile home on a holiday park that is not owned by the dealer who will be paying the transport cost incurred in the moving of an item of such size and weight from retailer to a holiday park site.
  • Do you intend to place this mobile home on the site of a home build if so you may need planning permission please see our Residential Mobile Home Guide for more information on this - Guide coming soon.

Buying a mobile home to live in

Do I need planning permission?
  • Putting a temporary or permanent structure on your property can be a lengthy process which should start with planning, the appropriate place to start this process is to talk to the citizens information to create a list and gather all necessary documentation.
  • Some very useful links at this early stage are:
    - Citizens information on planning applications
    An Bord Pleanala
    A list of Local Authorities
  • If you intend to use your mobile home during the winter season then it may be advisable to get a model that has a winter pack an is suitable for 4 seasons
  • If your requirements include longer stays, for great comfort and ease of living a larger mobile may be advisable such as a lodge with larger lounge and kitchen / dining areas. Most lodges are suitable for 4 seasons as they have winter pack as standard.
Can I use a mobile home while building my house?
  • This process can be easier than looking for a permanent structure permission
  • You can seek permission for this type of structure on your planning permission for your build
  • This type of temporary structure has a time limit (at the time of writing this was 6 months *subject to change)
  • A mobile home situated on your property for a home build can be a great asset during your build
  • We stock many new and pre-owned mobile home that would be a perfect fit for this purpose
What is my budget?
  • The cost of your new mobile home depends on factors like year, size & condition
  • Prices can range from 10,000 to 90,000 euro
  • This is where our residential specification mobile homes come in, they are designed and built to be used all year round. Call into us to see and find out more about the residential specification mobile home standard
How do I transport and place my new mobile home?
  • Harry Farrell & Sons are experts at mobile home transportation and installation we have decades of experience at all types of installations
  • We are well used to challenging installations where property access and surrounding structures call for experience and competence
  • From purchase to turn key our mission is to make this process seamless and effortless on your part
Where should I purchase my mobile home?
  • There are many well established mobile home dealers who can sell you a mobile home, but do they have the knowledge, infrastructure and expertise necessary to complete your installation
  • Find out who will cover payment if your chosen dealer needs to hire a crane or helicopter or any addition plant or machinery to enable your installation
  • As with all large purchases and challenging ventures investigate if your chosen mobile home supplier will be able to achieve the task or will they be out of there depth, leaving you out of pocket
  • We at Harry Farrell & Sons are more than happy to talk to you about any of the issues you may be concered about with regards to the purchase or installation of a mobile home. Call us on 01 458 9410
How do I start the process of buying a mobile home to live in?
  • Although we cannot advise or assist you directly with your planning permission, Harry Farrell & Sons pride our selves on the customer service we give and our aim is to assist you where we can using our expertise
  • Once you have secured the go-ahead for your installation we can deliver and install anywhere in Ireland
  • Call to our showroom in Tay Lane, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin or call us on 01 458 9410

Mobile home insurance guide

Do I need mobile home insurance?
  • Mobile home insurance in Ireland is a necessary expense for people who own a mobile home. It protects you from sustaining monetary losses in the event that your property and personal belongings are damaged, as a result of weather damage, fire or theft. In order to source the most affordable policy, that best suits you and your family, it is advisable to be aware of the different suppliers of mobile home insurance, and the various levels and types of coverage available. Also things providers consider when determining premium your premium
  • Mobile home insurance protects you from paying out for large repair bills or in a worst case, the total replacement of your mobile home
Are mobile home damage & repair costs covered?
  • If a mobile home is damaged as a result of an event covered on the mobile home owners policy, such as a storm or vandalism, the insurance will cover the costs of the repair minus the deductible. This means that you will be responsible for an amount of the repair costs, up to the amount of the policy deductible you have chosen, and then any remaining amount needed for the repairs will be covered by your mobile home insurance company in Ireland up to the policy limits.
Is Mobile home replacement covered?
  • If a mobile home is damaged to the point of being deemed a right off, or if your mobile home is stolen and not recovered, your insurance policy will cover the cost of replacing the mobile home less the amount of your deductible. The amount of money you will receive for the replacement will usually result on investigation to place a current value on the mobile home as well as the amount of insurance coverage you originally obtained
Are mobile home contents covered?
  • Some items within a mobile home could be covered under a mobile home insurance policy. But it may well be pertinent to purchase additional personal property insurance if you keep items within your mobile home which are high in value, such as expensive electronics equipment or jewellery, but your regular mobile home policy should cover other personal property items which are kept in your mobile home
What is mobile home liability coverage in Ireland?
  • If a person were to enter your mobile home whether invited or not, and becomes injured on the property, you may be liable for any medical bills or other expenses related to the injury. This could result in costly expenses. Adequate insurance will cover these costs up to the maximum liability coverage provided by the policy.