Buying a mobile home to live in

With the housing crisis in Ireland people are turning to mobile homes for permanent accommodation and with the size, quality and spec the modern mobile home is built too these days it's no wonder, but unfortunately it is not as straight forward as we would like. As such the purpose of this page is to give advise on some of the aspects and things to consider when buying a mobile home to place on your own property for a determined length of time whether that be 6 months or 20 years. The information provided on this page is not to be considered legal advice, and should only be used as a guide to point you towards seeking professional advise when putting in place the legal requirements for placing a temporary or permanent structure on your property.

Our residential specification mobile homes

At Harry Farrell & Sons we sell new and used mobile homes for residential use whether it's a self build home project or a temporary or permanent structure you have in mind, these specific mobile homes are classed for residential use, they all carry the residential specification BS3632. This means that at least the minimum specification for residential homes in terms of ventilation, thermal insulation, stability once sited, room sizes, etc.

Without this standard, some manufacturers would use building regulations, which are not best-suited to this product. Others might assemble basic products that would not be built to any known standard and which could be unsafe. Winter Pack spec is a step below full residential standard. Winter Pack is an option on a new mobile homes which includes Double Glazed Windows and Gas Central Heating these can vastly extend your winter usage but is not the all year round residential standard. At Harry Farrell & Sons we can provide you with both options.

Advice on residential mobile homes

mobile home planning permission

Planning permission information

mobile home

Home builds

  • This process can be easier than looking for a permanent structure permission
  • You can seek permission for this type of structure on your planning permission for your build
  • This type of temporary structure has a time limit (at the time of writing this was 6 months *subject to change)
  • A mobile home situated on your property for a home build can be a great asset during your build
  • We stock many new and pre-owned mobile home that would be a perfect fit for this purpose
mobile home purchase

What is your budget

  • The cost of your new mobile home depends on factors like year, size & condition
  • Prices can range from 5000 to 50,000 euro
  • This is where our residential specification mobile homes come in, they are designed and built to be used all year round. Call into us to see and find out more about the residential specification mobile home standard.
mobile home installation

How do I transport and place my new mobile home

  • We at Harry Farrell & Sons are experts at mobile home transportation and installation we have decades of experience at all types of installations
  • We are well used to challenging installations where property access and surrounding structures call for experience and competence
  • From purchase to turn key our mission is to make this process seamless and effortless on your part
mobile home installation

Where should you purchase your mobile home

  • There are many well established mobile home dealers who can sell you a mobile home, but do they have the knowledge, infrastructure and expertise necessary to complete your installation
  • Find out who will cover payment if your chosen dealer needs to hire a crane or helicopter or any addition plant or machinery to enable your installation
  • As with all large purchases and challenging ventures investigate if your chosen mobile home supplier will be able to achieve the task or will they be out of there depth, leaving you out of pocket
  • We at Harry Farrell & Sons are more than happy to talk to you about any of the issues you may be concered about with regards to the purchase or installation of a mobile home. Call us on 01 458 9410
mobile home installation advise

The process

  • Although we cannot advise or assist you directly with your planning permission, Harry Farrell & Sons pride our selves on the customer service we give and our aim is to assist you where we can using our expertise.
  • Once you have secured the go-ahead for your installation we can deliver and install anywhere in Ireland.
  • Call us on 01 458 9410 to find out more.
  • Contact us with your query Click here